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Is this uniform set a masterpiece? No. But is it an improvement over what they had? You bet. wholesale jerseys.And while it might look jarringly different from what the team had been wearing, the hunch here is that this might turn out to be one of those designs that start to feel more normal and likable over time. Consider, for example, MLB’s Miami Marlins. When they introduced their current uniform set in 2012, most observers (including a certain uniform columnist) reacted negatively. Five years later, that Marlins design has aged quite nicely. jerseys from china.The same thing could happen with this uniform set, if the TImberwolves are smart enough to stick with it. Here’s hoping they do.

I was rummaging through a stranger’s tailgate on Sunday morning, looking for a place to charge my phone, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, when a stern-looking older man spotted me. cheap china jerseys. “Is that a statement?”  he asked, pointing at my chest.I was wearing a red San Francisco 49ers number 7 Colin Kaepernick jersey. All morning, the jersey had elicited some sort of reaction from nearly everyone. They’d either curse at me under their breath, offer a high five, or launch into a political diatribe. custom jerseys. By wearing this particular jersey to a random Bills-Jets game in early September, people assumed I was trying to make a political statement.

I explained to the man that I was just a reporter working on a story. I wasn’t here to make a statement, but rather, to find out how people would react to the sight of the jersey. cheap hockey jerseys.He introduced himself as Dan Dreyer, former Marine. He was wearing a Marine hat decorated with a skull and two machine guns crossing one another other. This was his tailgate. You could tell because he was flying three flags above it: an American flag, the Marine Corps flag, and a black flag that spelled out the word Infidel in both English and Arabic. We started talking about Bills fans, as one walked by shouting something into a megaphone, drawing a crowd. authentic nfl jerseys.“It’s all harmless,” Dreyer said. “Nobody’s malicious or mischievous. Drunk guys. There was one problem, and that was with an Oakland fan probably about six years ago. Because: I’ll test the waters. I’ll fly that Infidel flag and then I’ll put up a Confederate flag and s*** like that. Just to see—like you—just to see what kind of feedback you get. throwback nba jerseys.I’ve never had a problem, so . . .”